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Monitor. Prepare. Prevent.

eBuilders Group, Inc. is committed to creating a healthy and safe work environment for everyone involved in our projects. We place individual health and well-being as our highest priority. 

Our goal to minimize work-related accidents and illnesses by the relentless enforcement of our safety program, making safety consciousness an instinct for everyone. Our focus is to improve hazard recognition, hazard correction, and employee involvement in order to reduce occupational injuries and illnesses.

Construction Workers
Construction Signs

Here at eBuilders Group, Inc. we do not merely react to an incident. We are proactive and prevent these incidents from occurring. Through constant training and reinforcement of the eBuilders Group, Inc. safety program, each team member becomes cognizant of placing “Safety First” on every project. 

We are always equipped with the correct safety gear and ready to do what we do best - BUILD!

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