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COVID -19 Safety Plan 

COVID - 19 Safety Plan

As of February 2022, eBuilders does not have any confirmed positive COVID -19 infections.  We will continue to post updates as they are available and share them with you. 

eBuilders Group makes it a top priority to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees, subcontractors, vendors, clients, and communities.  As a result of the COVID -19 virus eBuilders has implemented numerous safety measures and is taking daily proactive steps to ensure our project teams and office personnel are operating in a safe environment.  All projects and jobsite workers, no matter the location, are adhering to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, OSHA, and local health department guidelines.

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COVID -19 Protocols

eBuilders has developed the following comprehensive COVID -19 detection and exposure control guidelines and plans which are updated regularly to align with the latest recommendations and orders from the CDC, OSHA, and local health department guidelines:

•    Onsite Project Manager responsible for monitoring jobsite COVID -19 guidelines

•    Postings and Signage stating COVID -19 guidelines

•    Daily Temperature and Health Screening 

•    6’ Social Distancing Measures

•    Handwashing and Disinfection on a Regular and Frequent Basis.

•    Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as Gloves, Goggles, Face Shields and Face Mask

•    Daily Communication Regarding Hygiene Protocols and Disease Prevention

•    Staggering Subcontractor Work Schedules to Minimize Number of Persons on Jobsites.

•    Removing any Person Showing and Demonstrating Signs of Flu-like or Acute Respiratory Illness Symptoms

•    Notifying Persons Potentially Exposed and Requiring a Mandatory 14 Day Quarantine for Those Individuals

These strict guidelines are mandatory and have been developed to ensure the safety of everyone working on eBuilders Group projects.  It is only through collaborate efforts that we can create safe and healthy working environments.  Every person entering and working on an eBuilders Group project or office is required to adhere to these guidelines.  Any individual not following these health guidelines will be removed from the jobsite immediately.


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